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The primary aim of the agency is to welcome tourists and travellers visiting Iraq. Babel Tours offers high-quality services to all those who wish to come from around the world and discover the cultural and natural riches of Iraq : Mesopotamia, Babylon, Najaf & Karbala. 

Babel Tours employs staff and people who devote their expertise, professionalism and commitment to this meeting of cultures, for all tourists coming to Iraq. All types of tours are provided, irrespective of the origin of the travellers, provided that they respect the country and its authorities. 

Babel Tours proposes tours accompanied by guides throughout Iraq, except in the places where, according to us, security is not yet guaranteed. The agency is able to offer all types of services for tourists: hotel bookings, transport, guides for trips to a particular town, Christian and Moslem pigrimages to holy cities and sites. Based on a network of skilled personnel and extensive local knowledge, Babel Tours offers you a chance to discover Iraq in complete safety and peace of mind. 



At present, Babel Tours proposes tours in Iraq, esspecially to the areas south of Baghdad and Iraqi Kurdistan.


After creating a Branch in Nasiriyah, Babel Tours will also be able to propose tours in many places in the South of the country: Basrah, Ur, Uruk, Eridu, Lagash, Najaf, Karbala.


With a surface area of 80,000 km² representing nearly one-fifth of the entire country, Iraqi Kurdistan can already offer the visitor considerable variety, from cities to landscapes of outstanding beauty.


  • Each tour operator specializes in a certain size group. You should ask them specific questions related to the size of the group, if an English-speaking guide is provided, the itinerary for the trip, and any other information that you will need to be comfortable booking with them. 

  • You should speak to your friends and relatives that have traveled to Iraq to get their insights as well.

  • Ensure that the tour dates align with your plans.

  • Purchase travel insurance, if your plans may change or an emergency situation arises. Talk to your tour operator for information.

  • Check with your country's state department's website for any travel advisories or warnings. Certain areas of the country may not be safe for foreigners to travel to - due to cases of kidnappings etc.


Email for all packages.

Phone: 964 (0)781 045 10 45



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