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Hinterland Travel is a specialist adventure holiday and travel company, founded on over 40 years of overland adventure travel experiences by Geoff Hann, its owner and managing director. We provide tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, India (notably Kashmir) and Burma.

The knowledge and experience Geoff has about the Middle East, Mesopotamia Iraq and Afghanistan has put the company to the forefront of tour operators and experts. The very successful tours across the wilds of Central and Northern Afghanistan has led to the National Geographic Traveller Magazine accreditation as one of its 50 Tours of a Lifetime. The Minaret of Jam being a highlight, tough to get to but magnificent in its isolated splendour.​



At present, Hinterland Travel is taking 9 and 14 day tours of Mesopotamia and Kursdistan. Both tours run concurrently with Baghdad, Babylon and the Shrine cities amongst the highlights with the 9 day tour returning to Baghdad and the 14 day travelling further south exploring not only the well known ancient sites of Uruk and Ur but the little visited cities of Larsa, Lagash, and Telloh. Staying in Nasiriya also extends our time in the Marshes of Iraq before reaching Basra.


With all tours Hinterland Travel tries to keep costs down and see as much as is possible in the given tour structures. Security considerations govern some of their time but they seek to give you the maximum experience possible. Ancient and religious history abounds in this land between the two rivers. Please contact them via their website or email address for specific details on upcoming packages.


  • Each tour operator specializes in a certain size group. You should ask them specific questions related to the size of the group, if an English-speaking guide is provided, the itinerary for the trip, and any other information that you will need to be comfortable booking with them. 

  • You should speak to your friends and relatives that have traveled to Iraq to get their insights as well.

  • Ensure that the tour dates align with your plans.

  • Purchase travel insurance, if your plans may change or an emergency situation arises. Talk to your tour operator for information.

  • Check with your country's state department's website for any travel advisories or warnings. Certain areas of the country may not be safe for foreigners to travel to - due to cases of kidnappings etc.


Email for all packages.

Hinterland Travel
39 Clifton Common
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Tel/Fax: (0044) (0)1484 719549
Mobile: (0044) (0)7717060415


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