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Here are some important information that will help you plan your local travel within Iraq .


  1. CONDUCT RESEARCH: Do your research about Iraq, its history and attractions on this site by clicking on the "ABOUT IRAQ" and "IRAQ TRAVEL" sections.

  2. FINALISE TRAVEL DATES: Travel dates that you wish to travel on. Keep in mind that summers get quite hot in Iraq. 

  3. DETERMINE POINT OF ENTRY: Which Iraqi city do you wish to fly to (e.g. Baghdad, Najaf, Erbil, etc.)? Determine this based on whether to wish to travel in the south, north or south west of the country. Take into account the security conditions too.

  4. REVIEW TRAVEL ADVISORIES: Check government websites for travel warnings, health-related warnings and advisories, before you do anything. 

  5. CHECK TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: Make sure you and members of your party have passports that are valid for at least months from the time of your planned trip. If not, get them renewed ASAP. You will be denied a visa, if your passport isn't valid for 6 months.

  6. RESEARCH TOUR OPTIONS: Determine whether you wish to travel on your own or with a group. There is significantly more work involved if you are planning to travel on your own, since you will be responsible for visas, hotels, local transportation, etc. Also note that the Iraqi government typically requires those traveling on their own to get clearance from the Interior Ministry before applying for a visa. You will need a local contact in Iraq to take care of this formality. Some Iraq-based travel agents may be able to help. Research packages and itineraries offered by various tour operators to see if you like any of them. Visit the "TOURS" section on this site.  

  7. CONDUCT MORE RESEARCH: Check the "SEE", "DO" and "TOURS" section of this site for information on various activities, detailed information on various cities and tour operators that specialize in Iraq tourism. 

  8. EDUCATE YOURSELF: Check the "ZIARAT FAQs", if you wish to travel for Ziarat. It provides answers to various questions posed by Ziareen. This is especially important if you are traveling with kids.

  9. CREATE AN ITINERARY OR PICK ITINERARY FROM TOUR OPERATORS OPTIONS: If you are traveling solo you will be responsible for creating an itinerary that suits you best. If you plan to travel with a Tour Operator review the tours they provide and pick the one that best suits your needs and budget.

  10. FINALIZE DATES AND ITINERARY: Once you've completed your research and considered all options, pick the best one and finalize the dates and the itinerary. This will help you make reservations and lock in prices.

  11. START PREPARATIONS: The "TRAVELER'S CHECKLIST" provides a list of items you will need for the trip. Print out the handy PDF copy and use it as a reference, as you prepare for the trip.

  12. HAVE FUN: If you do this right, you should have everything done and prepared well in advance, so that you can enjoy your trip.


Advisory: Given the security situation in some areas, it is advisable to undertake road travel during the daylight hours. Try to hire taxi or minivan from the hotel you are staying in or a reputable local company, to ensure that the driver is vetted and a trustworthy person.


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