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Here is some important information that will help you prepare for travel to Iraq .


(Click on the icon below to open a PDF version of the checklist. You can then print it or save it.)
  • Four shirts, two pants, two pajamas and many undergarments for men (pack more if you are going for more than a week)

  • Four sets of Shalwaar Kurta or long dress and many undergarments for women (pack more if you are going for more than a week).

  • Long dress for women (e.g. Abaya) with complete covering for the head.

  • One pair of rubber slippers and one pair of very comfortable shoes for daily wear. Ideally, you want to wear shoes that will come off easily, since you will have to take them off at the religious shrines.

  • Warm clothes (depending on when you are traveling). Iraq does get cold during winter months, so please check the weather conditions at your destination before you go and pack accordingly.

  • Warm wollen cap (winter), glovers and scarves.

  • Long socks (ankle length socks are not advised, especially for women).




  • You should take enough prescription medicine to last you during the entire trip and you should carry them in your hand luggage. Also please make sure to take some Tylenol and cough drops like ‘Bradasol’ for sore throat. Always carry antibiotics for Diarrhea and lots of Immodium and non refrigerated suppositories. Your doctor can prescribe this. I have never used any of that in Iraq but only in India and Pakistan..

  • A First Aid Kit.




  • One bottle of Shampoo and soap.

  • One can talcum powder.

  • One toothbrush and toothpaste.

  • Shaving razors.

  • Shaving cream.

  • One hairbrush or comb.

  • Cologne/Perfume.

  • Bottle of sanitizer.


  • Packages of soup, dry snacks, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, coffee mate, cookies, chevda, Ghanthia, chewing gum, candies, and chocolates etc. These items aren't readily available in Iraq.

  • There is a lot of poverty in Iraq so if you can then take some clothes and medicine to give them away to the needy. You might want also to take some candies and chocolates for the children near the Haram.


  • One Janamaaz (Mussalla or Prayer Rug).

  • One travelling alarm clock.

  • Wrist watch.

  • If you wear prescription glasses then it is highly recommended to carry (with you) an extra pair.

  • Mobile phone(s).

  • Camera(s).


  • Passport valid for at least 6 months with Iraq Visa.
  • Airline tickets.
  • Itinerary.
  • Print out of hotel details and confirmation receipts.
  • Credit cards/Cash.
  • One travelling money pouch for safe keeping your valuables.


Advisory:  If you have specific health conditions or allergies, please carry enough medication with you to last the trip. Do not depend on local hospitals or pharmacies.

Advisory: For travelers from US - You can switch to an international plan with your carrier, if you want to keep your phone number and stay in touch with friends and relatives while in Iraq. Most carriers will provide this option. In order to ensure constant communication with your party inside Iraq get multiple phones switched over to the international plan.


Here’s the link to the Sprint International Plan -


Here’s the link to the AT&T International Plan -


Here’s the link to the T-Mobile International Plan -

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