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Ziyarat Group is the leading travel and tour operator specializing in Iraq and Iran ziyarats. We offer April Ziyarat, Ashura in Karbala and December Ziyarat packages along with customized packages throughout the year. We take Pride in all our zawaars.


Vision: Fortunate are those who are able to travel to the land of Karbala”. We hope to enable lovers of Imam Hussain (as) from all around the world to fulfill their duty of ziyarat by providing service that exceeds expectations.


Mission: To provide the most comfortable, convenient, and affordable ziyarat experience for every zawar of Imam Hussain (as) in the hope of being blessed throughout this journey from the land of our masters.




All tour operators usually quote a land package price that include all hotel, food and travel costs within the country. The client will have to add the airfare and transportation costs to get to the tour's starting point. Some tours originate in Baghdad, while others start in Najaf etc. You typically join other travelers in your group either enroute to the starting point or at the starting point.


Each tour operator has partnerships with travel agents that can price out the airfare component to Iraq for you.



The prices provided here are for reference only and are subject to change. Please contact the tour operator to get the latest prices and information on upcoming tour dates.


  • Each tour operator specializes in a certain size group. You should ask them specific questions related to the size of the group, if an English-speaking guide is provided, the itinerary for the trip, and any other information that you will need to be comfortable booking with them. 

  • You should speak to your friends and relatives that have traveled to Iraq to get their insights as well.

  • Ensure that the tour dates align with your plans.

  • Purchase travel insurance, if your plans may change or an emergency situation arises. Talk to your tour operator for information.

Visit the operators website for the latest packages & prices.

Kashif Jaffery

USA +1(732)-332-8571 
USA +1(732)-501-7159 
Canada +1(519)-379-7052 
Pakistan +92-3131026261

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